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Tips: How to avoid AdBlock

Tips: How to avoid AdBlock

Many of website owners may have faced situation, when your ads are not running at 100%, because users have installed anti ads addons.

We have also faced such situation and found some solution. Here is the sollution.

What is the secret to avoid ad blocking?

AdBlock and such softwares that can be installed on browser blocks elements of your website that contants specific ads related keywords. We found that all elements on our sites, like div blocks which class name "ad", "adContainer", "ads", "showAd" etc. were blocked and never were displayed on the site when AdBlock was on.

Replace wrong elements

We replaced all elements with such names to other not containing any relation to ads. And - they appeared on site. You should be very careful by selecting text you are coding into your HTML tags, because that it what blockers are using to detect is it ad content or not.

Of course, there still may be problem with Google Adsense ads, because we cannot rename their titles as we want. But for our local ads it worked fine. The main trick is to install on your browser AdBlock or similar software and do testing on your local test server until everything works fine.

Good luck!