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What is SEO optimization

What is SEO optimization

In this article we want to outline briefly what is SEO optimization and why is it important?

Imagine that you have a website, and it is publicly available on the Internet, but no one knows about it or visit it very rarely, but you want it to happen more often.

The most likely reason for the low attendance is that

  • either page can not be found in search engines - such as Google, Yahoo, MSN, etc.
  • or can be found, but is far away from the few first results pages.

The first option will not be discussed today, but we will look at the options that page exists in search engines, but can be found very far away from the first page, so your customer does not find your site. And the reason is simple - the human laziness.

Low spots in the google search engine - what is the reason for that?

The reason is usually fairly simple. Your page does not meet SEO guidelines. These guidelines were developed by the world's leading search engines, such as google. If your site, portal, etc. meet the SEO guidelines, then your site is in the first places in certain keyword competition. If it does not, then in keyword competition it is sliding down and could not be found.

What should I do to prevent SEO problems?

You need to find specialists who deal with it on a daily basis. Only a specialist will be able to objectively evaluate your site's performance status in accordance with SEO guidelines and provide recommendations on how to fix SEO. This service is not expensive. The price is about EUR 100 per page. If you want a page to get top google ranking, it has to be arranged in accordance with SEO guidelines.

With one sheet we understand aperture that opens once you open certain website address. The entire portal or pages analysis will be more expensive, so the price is usually determined by an agreement. Usually it is enough to arrange a couple of leading pages to arrange the whole page.

The result for successful cooperation in SEO fixing is your page google ranking.

What are the key words?

Keywords are the search engines invention. These are the words that describe your page content. For example, if you offer ice cream and content of your website is a product description, then googling "oil prices", most likely, your home page will not be displayed. On the other hand, searching for "ice cream products", your website could be displayed on condition, if your website is something to do with the text of the ice cream products.

If you are interested in your website SEO optimization according to the guidelines or the new website development, which takes into account the SEO guidelines, we can help you.

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